Friday, November 13, 2009


One of the places and moments where heaven and earth seem to be closer together. When the only sound you hear is the wind. Thunder of a distant storm and your own breath. Serenity....I really need it. That need is why I take pictures. So I can enjoy moments like this.

Or moments like this one....when in one big combustion beauty, time and place combine to create a scene before you and in sinks into your soul not just your eyes. And the realization.....I'm exactly where I want to be right now.

Box O' Chard

Yes..the super plant continues to live, grow and flourish. But, with the threat of on oncoming freeze and storm we decided to build a makeshift box to encourage the growth of this wonderful plant. Did I mention makeshift, or should I have said, "what is there in the garage we could throw up around one of the garden boxes with something that is still growing in it?". Seriously, it's sturdy, other than the plastic, which isn't very sturdy. A bit of plywood, plastic and voila...a nice place for swiss chard to keep growing. Was this a honey do kind of thing? Not really. It was more of a hey...spur of the moment....let's build a box....okay...have anything in the garage....plywood.....look plastic......go for it. If there's one thing we are good at as a couple....we don't plan...we just do. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, but it keeps it interesting.

This is my happy swiss chard in the box.

I admit...the chard in other unprotected boxes in our garden is still growing. Which means, this plant is still very much in season. So, eat it!! It's good for you! Don't you know you need your greens!? Steam it, bit of Braggs vinegar and really..honestly, I'm not kidding, it's good! Seriously! Come on...try it. I have some if you need it! Really, I still have lots. Anyone want some swiss chard? Please? need swiss chard. It's good for you. Come get some!