Friday, May 20, 2011

Portable Chicken Coop

It was very fun to build this chicken coop.  So fun we tried to sell this one so we could build another one!  We love this coop!  Tall man did a great job finishing it with very wonderful and easy to follow directions that we purchased online.  Best part is that we move it around our yard and the chickens are kind enough to fertilize and eat ants in that area.  We hose down the lawn with a little water each time we move it, and presto....instant fertilizer.  It did take the chickens about a week to figure out how to use the ramp to the roost area. 

Much of the afternoon they spend free ranging in our yard. Very fun to watch the gang of chickens wander the yard, but I don't think the cat enjoys it much. I think my favorite part is herding them in at night.  I feel like a pied piper of chickens.  Wonder what they would think if I came out with my bagpipes next time I put them in at night?  Might have to video that one.

Finished with nice pine shavings

FInished but without chickens inside

Doors on the sides with chickens inside