Sunday, February 6, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What I've been up to....

Wow....six months, just like that!!!  A bit like the precooked, sugary, waffle that I just threw down my throat just now and then it was gone, just like that!!

Last week was soup week at my house, because everyone, and I do mean everyone, got sick.  Except me, but I don't count because I'm the mom and I don't get sick.  Even if I do get sick, being mom sick means I show no signs of illness.

Would love to share the pics of the soups with you, but I didn't take any.  But, I will share the recipes, this week, but not right now.  This is just a teaser post to see if anyone in blogosphere is listening, watching or wondering....."why don't she write?"  (Wow....did you know blogosphere is actually a word?  It didn't pop up with those red dashes underneath it.  Amazing.)

This is what my cat does all winter, tries to hide behind the door and spy on the birds outside.  Or, he might be doing what I'm doing....looking for signs of spring.  No....I am pretty sure it is the birds he's obsessed with, because zoo boy always dumps a pile of birdseed on the back door step, just so he "can see the birds up close".  The bird feeder is apparently, too far away.  All those birds so up close and personal torments the poor cat, but the birds are fun to watch.  Their beaks are amazingly effective; how quickly they crack open seeds.  Very clever and useful tool that beak, but I think I will stick with my opposable thumbs.  They are pretty cool too.

Accepting the fact, he's never going to get through the glass
I love the ears in this one.