Saturday, September 19, 2009

Food & Photography
Just a reminder....the leaves are changing. Make sure you look to the hills often, or better yet go explore and take your camera. Mother nature is making her one time a year quilt. The hues of early red mixed with greens still yet to change are so beautiful.

I'm also craving soups, stews, and hearty fall dishes. I have a really simple request from said "mother nature"....please, some cooler weather??? I want to bake, braise, stew and roast food. Put a fork in me, I'm pretty sure that I've been fully baked this summer.'s time for Fall!! Look for some great fall recipes to come.

The only reason for seasons are so that when it is too hot, you can look forward to fall, and when it is too cold, you can look forward to spring. Fall/Spring....if the weather is like that where you live all year round....well, that's heaven!!

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