Friday, October 9, 2009

Here's the thing.....

Why I blog....

Why blog?? I asked this question at the beginning, because it was the thought most completely on my mind. The internet is full of information, advice, ideas, recipes, stories, remedies, etc., etc., etc. So....why blog? There is no shortage of curiosity in my brain, and I fully admit to being an earnest seeker of information. Thus...the internet is a fanciful tool in the hands of such a person. Thing is....everyone else's information always seems so much more interesting. So, what do I have to say that might be interesting? Maybe nothing; but there is this one thing. I've discovered this is why I blog.......because I can. See, this country represents freedoms and last I checked, freedom of speech was still one of them. Certainly, sharing recipes, photography, ideas, amusements and epiphanies with the world isn't exactly marching on Capital Hill. Or is it?

If I could decorate my house anyway I wanted, it would look like fall. Minus the spiders. Really not a big fan of those creatures. Those little beady eyes and creepy looking legs. I'm not sure whether to celebrate or drop to my knees when I see my cat eat one. I'd love to ask him if those little spiders just wiggle all the way down. However, this bench in the beautiful canyon...there are no spiders. Don't even worry about looking under the table or the seats. The area has been determined to be completely clear of arachnids. I've picked us a nice spot. So grab a spot on the bench. Enjoy a warm cup of something and let's chat.....because we can.

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  1. Hey, found your blog. Wow, you are deep. I have a blog but, it is mostly pictures cause I cannot write to save my life. Bryon was just talking about you guys and said we need to get together. I didn't know you were in to photography. I am obsessed.