Friday, October 30, 2009

Tip of the Day

No recipes today....just snow. Snow on Monday and Tuesday, snow today and it's cold. Yes, that weather change I was so hoping for is here and I'm sitting here with a bag of frozen peas on my back. That's right, frozen peas..... on my back. No, I don't plan to eat them anytime soon. If you ever have an owie and it needs a bit of ice, may I suggest the frozen bag of peas. Very user friendly. Just pop it in and out of the freezer as you need it. The peas are better than big chunks of ice. No ice to mess with, no water that leaks all over your clothes and it comes with its very own leak proof bag. Very effective. Cheap too because designer peas don't freeze your back, knee, elbow or whatever any better than the cheapest bag you can buy! I did Kenpo the other day from my P90x workout. Let's just say...I've needed some ice (or should I say peas) every now and then since. Next time you feel a bit of soreness, reach for a bag of peas. Maybe you'll even soak in some of the vitamins and nutrients of the peas by osmosis!

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