Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Can you stand one more chicken post?

I'm sorry...one more.  I promise, well, no I don't promise that it will be the last because this is honestly one of the weirdest things I have done....stick chickens in my back yard.  All for the lure of organic, free range eggs.

Things I have learned.....

1.  If you don't put the ladder down on the coop so they can go up to roost at night before it's dark....well, chickens are blind.  They will find the highest place possible to roost and that includes the top of our coop. Found them this way a couple of times before I clued in to get the ladder down. I don't like touching them! And I hate chicken feet!!  So what happens? I grab a chicken and it wraps its feet around my finger.  I proceeded to run around the yard screaming, well, like a chicken.

2. Chickens are basically stupid.  Case in point...the white one just flew into the glass door.

3. Chickens know how to knock, or scratch.  After listening to an odd scratching at the front door, and the cat beginning to pace inside, Zoo boy opened the door to find the white chicken, who was apparently letting us know that she was in the wrong part of the yard and needed help getting back.  I know this may appear to contradict number two, but I still think they're stupid.

4. I think we have an OCD chicken. The white one.  She is WEIRD!! Since getting rid of the rooster our little flock of chickens seem confused and weirded out; displaying bizarre behavior, like constantly trying to escape.  Either that, or they have decided they don't like us and want a new home.

5.  They love sprouted wheat and I feel good about feeding it to them.  Makes me feel like a good urban farmer.  Good advice from my sister-in-law.

6.  I'm starting to panic about our portable coop.  What is my yard going to look like in the winter when it's covered with snow, and chicken poop? I don't want to know, I don't want to know.  Denial works for me.

7.  Chickens are very clicky and critical of newcomers.  They still don't like the new chicken and it's been two weeks.  I would so totally be looking for new friends if I were her.  Notice, she wasn't welcome on the top of the roost.  Such rude girls.

Wish they would lay some eggs.  I guess fact number 7, egg laying maturity seems to take FORRR-EVERRRRR!

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