Thursday, June 9, 2011 NOT a Rooster!

However, I have discovered something about the fowl world.  Pecking order is a very real thing and so far we are failing miserably at introducing this little lady to the flock of three ninja's we have left.  Holy cow they are mean! I guess that should actually be "Holy Chicken they are mean!"  It stirs up all sorts of teenage angst in me as I watch them reject our new little chicken.  She just wants to be friends? Come on ladies!!  How could you be so cruel? Bullying is just not tolerated and can lead to all sorts of behavior issues.  I don't think I can even call them ladies anymore.  More like MMA chickens ready to bully anyone out of the ring, or coop in our case.  New chicken, or as the kids named her Henrietta, (Seriously??)  spends most of her day alone, and I feel sad for her.  I am a horrible urban farmer.  Human emotions and poultry shouldn't mix!

Hopefully Henrietta doesn't decide to go after the MMA girls with Pumped Up Kicks! (Side note plug...if you haven't checked out the band Foster the People, do it.  Love them!)  Actually, I would like her to just go after them, just once or even twice.  Come on girlfriend....GET YOUR GAME ON!!

Rooster boy is gone and happy.  He spent a large portion of the day traveling with Tall Man in this box to his final destination.  Honestly, I don't know which is worse; bullied chicken, or rooster boy in my yard??  Someone remind me why I did this?