Thursday, June 2, 2011

Houston...We have a ROOSTER!

In keeping with the urban farming theme I have had going on this blog, my post today is a lesson in what a rooster looks like. a rooster.

The debate has been going on in the family for the past two months.  Tall Man is waiting for it to jump on the fence post and start crowing before he believes it's a rooster.  I'm not waiting for that morning wake up alarm.  Here's why...
1.  He's about twice as big as the other birds.
2.  He's mean to the other birds.
3.  He chest bumps and chases the other birds around the yard.
4.  He chases the cat.
5.  He has long lovely tail feathers, which are there for a impress the ladies.
6.  He's mean.
7.  His neck feathers fan out in the most funky way, that I honestly feel like I am watching Jurassic Park. You know the part in the movie where the nice cute little dinosaur suddenly spreads this web of frill like thing around and behind it's head and then proceeds to eat the guy.  I don't want to be eaten.
8.  He's mean.
9.  He's got spurs the jingle jangle jingle.
10.  He's mean.

I am way done with this chicken.  Oh, and for the record, it was named "petite oiseau", french for little bird.  I guess he had bigger ideas about his pure potential than the name I gave him.  

Goodbye Petite Oiseau.  Good luck on the farm!  I hear there are over 100 lucky ladies waiting for you!


  1. I love how about every other "characteristic" about this bird is: He's mean! Love it! Hailey and Hunter still think the world of your little farm.

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  3. Apparently, he's on his way to another farm, so he can live for awhile. Wow, I had no idea how attached I would get to these birds. Silly.